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O'Brennan National School, Tralee, Co. Kerry



  • Our school aims to provide each child with a balanced education to enable each child to develop his/her skills to live a full life as a child
  • This is provided in a caring and kind environment where each child learns to treat each other with charity, justice, truth, patience and respect.
  • The school provides a Catholic and Christian education for each child while it recognises, respects, and welcomes children of other religious backgrounds.
  • Our school recognises the importance of our Irish Culture and incorporates music, language, sport, dancing and customs into each child’s education.


The overall objectives of our school are to provide our pupils with the best possible child centred education  in their formative years, to instill in them a spirit of co-operation, a respect for each other and for their teachers. Over the course of the child’s time in O’Brennan National School it is hoped that a willing attitude towards their work will be fostered as they grow and develop through our school. We hope that they will begin to develop spiritual and moral values which will remain steadfast throughout their lives.

The teachers of O’Brennan National School will fully implement the 1999 Primary School Curriculum while at the same time remaining conscious of the individual learning needs and abilities of each child.  O’Brennan National School staff also makes the promotion of child well-being a priority for our school.

Children will also be afforded the opportunity to engage in  a wide range of curricular and extra­-curricular activities to participate in. Our school promotes many sporting activities such as basketball, football, Tag Rugby, hurling and drama. O’Brennan also promotes more artistic pursuits such as music lessons and school choir. The co-operation of the staff, parents and wider community aim to provide the most positive educational experience possible  for all its  pupils.  We hope to achieve this in an atmosphere of respect, warmth, inclusion and happiness at O’Brennan National School.